Ordering Club Clothing
Posted09/01/18 at 04:05 PM

For years the club has sold hats and shirts with our logo. Our stock is running low, so it is time to reorder. But it is hard deciding what to have on hand because of our different tastes and styles. So we decided to do things differently, and let our members order directly from a supplier.
The embroidery and clothing retailer we decided to use is called Tags Awards and Specialties in Olympia (360) 491-2525. They have a large assortment of clothes, and accessories. They already have the club’s logo digitized so all you need to do is request it be embroiled on your item.

 There are two ways to find what you want:

  • During our events we will have a copy of their catalog to page through, with order forms.  Once you decide all you have to do is call in your order.  They will give you an estimate, take your payment, and send you your stuff. 
    • If you order embroidering they discount the clothing item. 
    • The snowmobile in the logo was set up as yellow.  Ask them if you can change the color when ordering to match your sleds. 
  • If you don't want to wait for the next event you can go to their clothing supplier (Sanmar) website: www. https://www.sanmar.com/ and find what you want.  Then you call in your order to Tags.  

It is that easy.  Because there is such a huge selection to choose from the hardest part will be trying to decide what to get.

If you have questions you can either call Tags in Olympia directly, or email me Kevin Hancock: kevcho357@gmail.com.   


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