Our Club's Structure has Changed
Posted12/16/18 at 09:49 PM

The past few years have brought some interesting changes and challenges to our vintage sled club, one of which is the workload of the club president and how we want to handle that workload in the coming years.  Ray Bergstresser has carried this club forward for many years, planning most of the events we attend in addition to maintaining our relationships with other clubs, and the Washington State Snowmobile Association.  His dedication has helped make us who we are and we owe him many thanks for his efforts.  Ray decided to scale back his involvement with the administrative side of the club and enjoy his vintage snowmobiles, but his are large shoes to fill.  In accordance to our by-laws I will move to the position of President until then next election.  The club leadership has discussed this situation and we believe that reducing the workload of the club president will assist in transitioning that position to another person, as well as help make the position more enjoyable for those elected.


With this goal in mind, we are proposing that individual event planning be moved to local representatives from the membership, with the president coordinating between them to help choose which events will be on the club’s calendar and following up to ensure they get planned.  The local representitive would be responsible for the nuts and bolts of the event: who’s going, where do we park, contact with the event leadership, good local hotels, etc.  This strategy accomplishes two things:  

  1. It reduces the workload of the president  
  2. It allows a local rep who is planning an event to focus on just that event.


Our members have had the ability to plan club events all along, but the proposed strategy makes that the primary method vs. having the president plan them.


Local representatives would be volunteers from each area.  Since our members are spread out, this should provide good coverage for our events.  An example list of representatives and events might look like this:

NorthWest: Stephen Phillips

                Events: Mount Baker Shootout, Spring Blue Lake Ride

CentralWest: Kevin Hancock

Events: WSSA Expo

SouthWest: Need a volunteer

Events: Trout Lake Ride

Central: Need a volunteer

Events: Wings & Wheels

Eastern: Need a Volunteer

                Events: Winter Knights Show

Idaho & Montana: Need a Volunteer

                Events: Priest Lake, Lolo Winterfest, West Yellowstone

What we need to make this work:

  1. A list of local representatives and a commitment from those individuals to plan their respective events.
  2. A quarterly coordination meeting or correspondence between the club officers and the local representatives to ensure that events on the calendar are on track.  This can be done through email.

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