1972 Skiroule RT340 Repairs
Posted on 09/14/14 at 09:13 PM

Posted 5/22/2015


I finished the sled today.  Of course it gave me trouble by stop running when I was moving it on the trailer.  I found a dirty set of points.  Easy fix.  Some sandpaper, cleaner and lube then once again it is running like new.  It will be at the shows this summer, and out riding next winter with the great snow we are going to have next year; RIGHT!?

Posted 5/10/2015

Finished the seat, installed the steering, skis, gas tank, engine, muffler, and put on the hood decals.  Not much left now!  Some items on the inside of the hood, belt and guard, wiring, center console, windshield and such.  I plan having it running so it is easy to get on and off the trailer.


Posted:: 3/22/2015

Finished the skis today.  Waiting for the spindles to dry before reinstalling the steering.  There is still more wet sanding and polishing to do on the hood.  There are marks on one side I want to get out.  

Looks like our 'not much of a winter' is over a month early, I decided to return finishing the Skiroule RT.  I want it ready for this upcoming Richland Cool Desert Nights show.  

Today I polished the hood.  Next week is painting the skis, and patching up a paint spot on the tunnel.  Then just some small parts to paint, put the seat together, and back together it goes.  

The skis are sanded and rust treated.  Next is to prime and paint.  

I found a duplicate of the original Skiroule snow flap!

Posted 12/23/2014

Managed to get the suspension installed between my Christmas Eve chores! laugh  Next I will paint the skis, springs, and get the seat fixed.  Maybe I can get the skis done while my wife is distracted with other Christmas stuff. 

Yesterday I took apart the brake to clean and paint.  At the same time I removed the rust from the secondary clutch sheaves.  Today I put the brake back on, then cleaned and painted the bogies and rear axle. Now to let the paint to set up, then start getting it back together. 

Finished painting the tunnel.  Man, is it green.  Any wonder why Skiroule had the nick name, 'pickle'.  They sure are the right color.  Now it needs to sit for a week so the paint can harden, then I can start putting it back together.  

Now for painting the skis, hitch, bogies, and finish up the seat.  Seems like a lot to do, but it goes quickly.

I decided to pull the bogies, and roll back the track to paint the inside of the tunnel.  To save time and work I did not completely pull the track, and left the secondary in place.  So I taped off the clutch, wrapped the track, and chain case for priming and paint.  I thought I would have the primer on today, but I ran into problems with the primer.  I need a special reducer for the product I bought, so back to the store to get some.  Now the plans are to have the priming done Sunday, then paint on December 17.  The painting might not happen if there is snow at Stampede Pass that day.  If there is I will take my new sled, and the Ski-doo Citation for test rides.  I do not like these late start winters!  sad  Last year was the same thing . . . .

I was busy with work, and getting the homestead ready for winter.  Now that the cold is here I am moving ahead with the RT340.  Took it a  part today for cleaning, then preparation for paint.  It is not a full restoration, just a good cleaning, seat repair, tunnel paint, and replace or install new parts.  Plan is to have it going in time for Fish Lake.

Rolled in my Skiroule RT340 in the shop this weekend.  This is the same model of sled I had in High School.  I sold it when I went to the Army.  This could be the same one.  I found it around 60 miles from the farm.  I called MN DOL, but they did not find this one being registered.  I do not remember registering the one I had in High School so it just could be . . . . .   

My plan is to have it going before the snow flies. 

It is in really good shape.  Doesn't look to had been used much. It ran into the garage! yes 

Overall it is a CLEAN sled! smiley  Everything is there.  The only thing to do is pull it apart for repairs, and painting.

The skis are really nice.  They have the original plastic trim in the handles.  The wear rods look like they are the originals, and only half worn out.

When it was hot and idling it would creep.  I found the brass bushing on the primary clutch was hanging up.  A little grease took care of that issue.

The engine runs great, and all the parts are there.  All that is needed is a little more cleaning.  Then paint the sheet metal, recoil and other steel parts, and the muffler.  I have a new starter cable rubber to replace the old torn one.

Oh the familiar rotten seat bottom plywood problem.  Easy fix.  The seat cover is soft and pliable, foam in great shape.  I did find one small hole at one of the corners of the seat cover.  It will be fixed when the wood is replaced. 

You Skiroule guys will recognize this issue.  The spring that pulls the hold down is to strong then tears open the fuel tank.  Someone tried a glue repair but it did not work.  I will plastic weld the cracks to stop any leaks, then add extra plastic from the Ski Daddler fuel tank to build it up.  That should fix it.  The original parts are missing, so I have the original hold down parts on order. 

All of the lights work, the track is in very good condition, the bogies all turn smoothly.  I have an original Skiroule mud flap without writing  I hope to find a "You Have Just Been Skirouled" mud flap.

My plans are to pull it apart for cleaning and painting.  I have new decals coming, so I will polish the hood.  I also have the original windshield which only needs to be polished.  I will post more as I move along.

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