1981 Ski-doo Citation Ready for Winter!
Posted on 09/07/14 at 04:24 PM

I bought this sled from Howard Briggs last winter.  I need a reliable snowmobile for longer vintage rides.  A prior owner ran it into something, bending the tunnel and cracking the hood.  There were seat issues, it was dirty, and leaked 2-stroke oil.

I found a bad hose for the leak.  After replacing the hose, I bleed the system.  Works good now.  For the seat I took it off to replace the rotten wood.  While I had the seat off I cut off the funky trailer hitch that broke the tail light lens.  I then modified the hitch so it rides better on the rear bumper.  The seat cover had a crack and hole.  I fixed those with a vinyl repair kit after I got it back together. 

The tail light, and brake lights did not work.  I found the brake light was out of adjustment, and the tail light wiring was installed wrong.  It has electric start, so I installed a new battery, negitive cable, and battery hold down.  The starter works goo, but it is a bit noisy.  Maybe normal?  I will let the Ski-doo guys decide that.  

The hood was cracked from being punched into the nose.  I tried to find a new one on the internet and during my trip to Minnesotat this July.  Nothing.  I tried to repair it first with a polycarbonate glue, but it did not hold.  So I plastic welded it on the bottom and top.  I then sanded the high spots, and filled in the low areas with the glue.  I had trouble the glue because is thin when it comes out of the tube.  Then after it hardens it shrinks.  I could not it to completely fill in the crack.  Next time I will use a two part epoxy.  That will fix it. 

I roughed up the area for paint, then primed the plastic with a plastic prep.  I sprayed 4-coats of auto paint, then buffed. Finally, I installed new hood decals I bought from Ski-doo Decals.com.  Looks nice now.

I pounded out the tunnel.  It nlow opens and close as it should.  I found a new throttle handle, but it was not the right one.  I managed to fix the one I had by plastic welding some material for the screws to fit, and replaced the trim.  I also got rid of the goofy red grip.  I had a grip left over from a John Deere that was the same as Ski-doo.  The only difference is the logo at the end.  No biggie.  It was just lying around. Mechanically it starts and runs great! Now I have another sled ready for the winter season. 

Here are some pictures.  You can get all of them from my Photo Bucket site by clicking this link: http://s1284.photobucket.com/user/kevcho357/library/Ski-doo%20Citation%20Reairs


This is the hood as I got it from Howard.  Ugly crack!

The seat wood was rotted, and staples let go.  Also there was this weird trailer hitch.  It was hitting the tail light and broke it

The hood was cracked because of a hard punch in the nose. 

It was good under the hood.  Dirty dirty dirty, but everything was there except the battery, negative cable and hold down.

A prior owner tried to fix the hood.  They installed this ugly patch that did not work. 

I used braces to put the crack together.  The polycarbonate glue I bought did not work, so I plastic welded it on the inside.

Then for added strength I welded the outside.

I started sanding then filling the low areas with the polycarbonate glue that did not work so well.

You guys know the drill; sand and fill, sand and fill, sand and fill. 
The glue was too thin and shrunk when dried.  Next time I will use a two part epoxy for filler.

I put on four coats of paint, then buffed and polished.  Looks good except
for the crack lines I could not fill completely with the glue.

I bought and installed new hood decals.  I like how they turned out. 

Pounded out the dent in the tunnel that cracked the hood. 

Repaired the throttle and replaced the ugly red grip.

Replaced the rotten wood, and fixed a couple cracks in the vinyl.

Whalla!  A clean and running Citation ready to kick some . . . . . .  butt this winter!


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