Crater Lake National Park Ride
Posted on 02/15/20 at 07:56 PM

The multi-day ride to Crater Lake National Park, and surrounding areas went as planned.  The weather was perfect bluebird days, with cold nights and mild daytime temperatures.  On the first day we stayed at the Willamette Pass Inn by Crescent Lake leaving in the morning for the long ride to view of Crater Lake.  The trails were expertly groomed and well marked.  After we spent time at the Crater Lake we rode to the Diamond Lake Lodge where we spent a couple nights while sledding the local trails, and messing around in the play areas.  On the last day we rode back to Crescent Lake for the evening before returning home.   It is great getting to areas that we normally do not ride, especially areas with such magnificent views like Crater Lake National Park.

To see pictures of the adventure click on the picture:


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