East Wenatchee Event 1-2019
Posted on 01/14/19 at 09:49 AM

We had a fantastic turnout for the event!  In the riding area, there was hardly a flake of snow that did not have an imprint of a snowmobile track.  We even had a supper fun ride out of the area tracking up some of the sagebrush.  There were antique, vintage, and modern sleds running and jumping all around the area.  The weather was absolutely perfect!  It was sunny, without any wind.  There was a shop close to the riding area that was used for welding broken handle bars, and all the experience you would ever need to keep all those snowmobiles running.

Then there was the club’s Arctic Cat Kitchen Cutter barbeque!  We had expertly prepared burgers with all of the fixings, chili, chips, and cookies.  It turned out to be a truly wonderful day with our member’s, their families, kids, friends, and pets.

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