PSW Vintage Rendezvous
Posted on 03/08/22 at 09:29 PM

Approximately 20 vintage sled riders enjoyed a beautiful Sunny day and stellar company to ride the 22 mile trek to the Garnet ghost town in west central Montana. Everyone completed the ride except one incident on a beautiful arctic cat who lost a drive wheel. Included in those who made the trek were a 4 yr old and a 6 yr old each on their own Polaris 120’s. This is definitely the next generation of sledders and they were delightful to watch. Beverages were graciously provided by Big Sky Brewing, who has been a big supporter of the vintage events so please support them and we thank Gus and Matt for hauling them up there in the 1974:Ski doo Alpine and vintage Ski boose leaving a few along the trail like bread crumbs to make sure we all found the ghost town. A huge shout out to our fearless organizer who braves, weather, politics, personalities, and broken equipment to make these events happen for the rest of us!!! Tom Mullins, you are sooooo appreciated!!!!! Thanks to all the vintage sled heads who turn out for these events and make them the fun events they are!!

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