Whistlin' Jack Lodge Ride
Posted on 01/28/20 at 06:53 PM

Our annual overnight trip to Whistlin’ Jack Lodge (WJL) was again a great time.  There were six of us.  Everyone who went made it home healthy and sound.  Of course it would not be a vintage ride if there were not a few of the vintage riding hic-ups.  But, it nothing that our master vintage snowmobile riders could not adjust too.   All of us made the approximate 67-mile trip to WJL under their on our own power.  Coming back was a different story.  One of the Olympics ended up with an engine issue.   It had to be towed back to Taneum Sno-Park.    

Because it was a vintage ride naturally there were other issues.  Because of a rusty fuel tank the Scorpion had fuel contamination issues that required multiple fuel filter cleanings, and replacements.  Plus there was a mid trip carburetor teardown to clean the gunk out of the needle-valve.  But it got there and back, and actually ran really well. 

There were a couple club firsts:

  • First bogie single cylinder sled to make the round  trip under its own power,
  • The most fuel filter cleanings, and changes in one trip,
  • The longest tow.  It was 60-miles from where it stopped to the sno-park
  • Fastest tow.  They reached speeds over 50 mph.

For pictures please click on the photo to see other pictures on the club’s Google Photos site:


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