Whistlin' Jack Lodge Riding Event
Posted on 02/05/23 at 07:58 PM

We had another successful riding event from the Taneum Sno-Park to Whistlin’ Jack Lodge. This year three of the riders opted for their best modern sleds, and two were on somewhat older machines. The weather was awesome, but cold. It was a brisk 9? at the lodge the next morning when leaving the lodge. 

The trail was cold, and icy much of the way which kind of made the mountain sleds a challenge to keep on the roads, and also prevent them from overheating. They found themselves doing a lot more off road playing since we had that capability, and needed to get into the fluff as much as possible.

Stephen and Paul found some nice new play areas along the way, and a new scenic lunch spot that they did not know existed. During the rough sections of the trail, three of them were happy to have the nice suspension and seats of the newer sleds. The other two guys took a bit of a beating. As they found in past years, there was no grooming in rough middle section of the trail. Also, this year, the section of the trail from the “horse camp” to the top of the hill was also whooped out. This, combined with the middle section, made for a lot of whoops in both directions.

On the way back to the sno-park they took a different route after the “horse camp”, which ran along the Walter Spring road. It was a nice change which added to the fun. Along the way they were checking to see if the directional signs the club put out that are used to guide riders from the sno-park to the lodge were still there, and not damaged. It is a good year for the signs. Only one was missing with no damage.


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