Whistlin' Jack Trail Signs are Put Out
Posted on 10/29/18 at 07:43 PM

Four of our members spent the couple weekends placing club's trail signs from Taneum Sno-Park to Whistlin' Jack Lodge.  Last weekend Paul, Ed, and Kevin finished placing the signs, while Stephen made sure they had all the materials they needed to get the job done.  


Every year a group from the club rides the approximatly 140 mile round trip to the lodge to spend the night, then ride back the next day.  It is a really fun ride that they look forward to every year!  We share a cabin at Whistlin' Jack, eat and rest the evening then ride back the next day.  There is plenty of room for more members.  If you are interested being a part of the fun contact the club at our email saying you want to joint up: pnwvsc@gmail.com.  You will not be sorry that you took the trip.  Click the picture to see pictures setting the signs: 



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