1983 John Deere Trailfire LX
Posted on 05/29/14 at 02:40 PM

I've decided it's time to start this project. When I picked up the Trailfire and Liquifire, I intended to wait until summer to start the restoration process. But every time I walk by them in the shop I get to thinking.... plotting..... planning......dreaming...

So let's get the party started!



The TF isn't missing any parts, so I'm going to bring it to life first. [b]On that note, I need an airbox and throttle lever/kill switch for the Liquifire. PM if you have these parts and want to sell......[/b]

Resto Roadmap
-Pull engine
-Clean up engine compartment, assess paint/anti-corrosion needs
-Pull/dry seat
-Pull/clean fuel tank
-Rebuild battery box
-Teardown/reseal engine
-Inspect/clean clutches
-Pull/paint/lube ski's & steering gear
-Pull/paint lube skid
-New fuel/oil lines
-Rain terror upon my WA brethren foolishly riding Skiroules and Arctic Cats

Sled History:
The previous owner indicated that this TF LX suffered a PTO side seizure in the early 2000's. They had a new top end put on it, only to have the PTO side stick again immediately (<20 miles). They parked the sled after that. It was sold to me with a "burnt" piston, and the engine would not turn.





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