Cool Desert Nights Show
Posted09/19/21 at 06:01 PM

Cool Desert Nights is coming up on October 2nd and we will be there showing old sleds and having a good time! The West Richland Chamber of Commerce is doing things a little different this year so we will be entering the Uptown Mall parking lot via the "Vendor Entrance" on the attached map. WRCC volunteers will direct us to the sled show area. It may be where we have shown sleds before but the layout has not been fully decided. I will send that info when I get it. For now, just plan to come in through the Vendor Entrance and go where they tell you to. 
Setup starts on Saturday morning at 6am and we need to be unloaded and done by 8am. Unloading on Friday is not possible since the parking lot will not be cleared of vehicles yet. Show cost is $20 for all the sleds you can bring. Load up as many as you can and join us at a great car show!
If you have any questions, please email me. 
Stephen Phillips



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