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  • New Classified - Sleds For Sale

    Posted on 05/20/18 at 08:22 PM

    I need to clean house and have a bunch of old skidoos and an old scorpion to move. If you know of anyone interested in skidoos please put them in touch with me. I have a:

    • 1975 Ski0doo 340 TNT,
    • Two  1978 440 Ski-doo Everests
    • 1977 340 Ski-doo Everest 
    • Two early 1970’s Ski-doo Elans
    • An early 70’s  Scorpion Stinger single cylinder

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  • New Upcoming Event - New Show

    Posted on 05/15/18 at 08:30 PM

    Test page for font's

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  • New Club Member Announcement!

    Posted on 05/15/18 at 08:07 PM

    We have two new members, Candy Johnson and Paul Kruger.  They sent us this nice biography that I want to share.

    Welcome Candy and Paul!

    My husband Paul Kruger and I only have vintage sleds.  Paul is a long time vintage car hobbyist. Every year when we go to cool desert nights in Richland, the first place we go is over to the vintage sled show.  We have enjoyed looking at the vintage sleds so much, you folks peaked our interest in them. We did have a pair of Sno Ponys in the 80's we rode and your show always brought back good memories. Because we live in Montana and our winters are long we enjoy our winter sports such as skiing and snow shoeing but this winter we decided to add snowmobiling to the winter activities. After much shopping we bought two totally refurbished Yamaha Exciters that are our "daily drivers" that we take out on the many miles of trails only several miles from our house. As I'm sure is the case with most collectors, we have picked up a couple of other vintage sleds also and now we are hooked on the hobby. We have a pretty good knowledge deficit when it comes to the sleds so we are looking forward to the help the experienced club members can lend. 

    Thanks again and we look forward to meeting everyone!


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  • Whistlin' Jack Trip and Directional Signs

    Posted on 05/13/18 at 11:23 AM

    Paul Gienau set out with his wife and dog in his hot rod 1960's Ford Bronco to get the signs our club set out between Taneum Sno-Park and Whistlin' Jack Lodge during the winter. He got some of them, but the trip did not go exactly as planned.

    Looks like we need a volunteer to complete picking up the signs:

    Sign report.

    With supplies loaded on the Bronco we set out for a day in the mountains. Got to the trail head around 11am, it didn’t look the same with all the snow gone. Kept driving with my pickup and trailer till we got to the first intersection and sign. it was in good shape and appeared to have been reinstalled in the ground with rocks piled up around the base to keep it up right.

    Unloaded the Bronco and started tracking our route with the Polaris Ride app. Came to the first intersection that i thought we had a sign at, got out and walked around and could not find anything.

    Off to the next intersection as we approached i could see the sign laying on the hill side in the short grass. it was laying face up in the sun, it looked in great shape, on to the next one.

    Came to one of the main intersections FS3111 and FS3100 with our sign still up right next to the forest service sign. It pounded very deep in the soft ground. I don’t remember driving it so deed. FS3100 has a road closed sign up across the road and a Police K-9 vehicle come down the road to me. Turns out that SAR is doing a Search and Rescue training and the area is closed. I look one the Polaris app and see we can backtrack and take the FS3111-115 road that parallels the FS3100 road. I am advised by a passing Jeep that the 115 is a very difficult trail that I most likely will get stuck and not make it. Judging by his completely stock Jeep with street tires and no off roading supplies. i think we have different ideas of off roading. Turns out we did have VERY different ideas. FS3111-115 did have some bigger rocks on the road, and i did get my tires wet in a few of the pot holes. on a level of 1-10, 10 meaning i have to get my wench out, this was a 1 for the Bronco, didn’t need 4 wheel drive.

    Where the 115 comes back together with the FS3100 I come driving up behind another police vehicle on the wrong side of the road closed sign. Give him a curtsy wave as we go by. We are now at the spot we stopped for lunch on the ride. i find one sign post on the ground but the map is missing from the sign. i collect that on and then head over to where we put the 2nd one but i cannot find it anywhere. just a pile of stacked rocks.

    We load up and continue on FS1701 get all the way to the top of the ridge and the Bronco dies right in the middle of the trial. “WHAT THE??” I look over at the wide band O2 display and its reading 16.00 no fuel. I turn the key off and back on and do not hear the fuel pump. I do it again and hear a faint buzz. both fuel gauges are reading full, primary is down about a needles. I remove both fuel caps and cycle the key again. just a slight buzz but not like it should be. I flip the switch for the transfer fuel pump and top off the primary tank. its only down a gallon or 2. cycle the key again and try it, it starts right up, runs for a second and then dies. The Bronco has a 5.0 HO engine out of 1984 Mustang GT, the fuel pump is also from that Mustang, its still the factory original unit. The spot the Bronco died at turns out to be about the only spot in the middle of the mountains i have Cell coverage, 2 bars AT&T LTE. Go figure. I send a message to Stephen for a rescue, I let him know that if i get it running i am going to head back to the Manastash Trail head. Wife and dog loaded back in the Bronco and I see if i can get it to start and at least turn it around. It fires up and in one motion i back it up sideways in the trail to 1st and start heading down the hill. its running but on what i don’t know O2 is reading 16.00 I tell the wife to hang on this is going to get bad, and shift to 2nd gear…..then 3rd….. Speed run down the mountain only smooth parts was when we were in the air. At one point i look over at the O2 as i stab the throttle and it drops to 11.5 I have fuel again. ??? it has to be a loose wire however I am not stopping. We make back down the mountain to the road and i keep going until i finally get Cell service again and send a message to Stephen giving him an quick update. I drive all the way around back to the pickup and drive it onto the trailer.

    Trail report, clear with no snow all the way up to the top of the ridge on FS1701, This leave the other half of the trip signs to be picked up.

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  • Russia Steals Sears' Snowmobile Design!

    Posted on 05/13/18 at 09:57 AM


    Looks like the Russian military has given the Sears Hillary a new mission:


    The Russians must had dug up some old espionage from the United States.  With it they must of decided to bring the Sears Hillary back to life as a warrier.  Here is the article: Russian Military Snowmobile 

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  • New Past Event - Wenatchee Show May 5, 2018

    Posted on 05/11/18 at 10:30 AM

    We had a great time at the Classy Car Show!  This was our first time at this event.  The weather cooperated, and the selection and quality of sleds on display was awesome.  It was so awesome that the promoters of the show invited us to their October event Wings and Wheels event.  We will let you know if we decide to attend, and encourage everyone too.  

    As has become customary, we had our Peoples Choice 1st and 2nd awards.  First Place was Dick Feil with his rare and immaculately restored 1966 Arctic Cat 560D.  Second place was Kevin Hancock's 1969 Mercury 220E.  This is the one he rode to Whistlin' Jack Lodge and back last January.  Congratulations both of you.

    To see all the pictures click on this link: Wenatchee

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  • Washington State Snowmobile Expo

    Posted on 05/11/18 at 09:43 AM

    October 20 - 21, 2018

    The last show of the year is at the Washington State Snowmobile Association’s (WSSA) 26th and our 19th year event at this event.  Bring your sleds and memorabilia, snowmobile suits, patches, banners, and helmets to display.  The Expo has a lot of vendors, and a huge swap meet, and classes.  It is hard to believe but while walking around last year’s event while we, we found vintage snowmobiles and parts are still available.  What a great chance to get locally that hard to find part. 

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  • New Upcoming Event - 2018 Cool Desert Nights

    Posted on 05/11/18 at 08:36 AM

    Join us June 23, 2018 for the 25th Annual Cool Desert Nights Event!

    Cool Desert Nights, a classic car, street rod, vintage and antique snowmobiles, and motorcycle event, is open to all vehicle makes and models. We will be showing our antique and vintage snowmobiles again this year.  Join us in celebrating the 25th Anniversary in 2018. Cool Desert Nights features Car Cruises, Street Dances, Show N’ Shines, Games & Activities, Pancake Breakfast, Kids Zone, Judging, Awards, Autocross & more!

    Ray Bergstresser:; 509-993-7101

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  • New Classified - 1970 Rupp Snowmobile

    Posted on 05/11/18 at 08:18 AM

    I have an old Rupp snowmobile that I would like to give to your organization. The pictures are recent. My contact information is, Steve Solnicka-509-375-5185, Richland WA. Please forward this email to anyone you know that you think may be interested. Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Steve Solnicka

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  • Classy Car Show Was A SUCESS!

    Posted on 05/09/18 at 07:24 PM

    We had a great time at the Classy Car Show!  This was our first time at this event.  The weather cooperated, and the selection and quality of sleds on display was awesome.  It was so awesome that the promoters of the show invited us to their October event Wings and Wheels event.  We will let you know if we decide to attend, and encourage everyone too.  

    As has become customary, we had our Peoples Choice 1st and 2nd awards.  First Place was Dick Feil with his rare and immaculately restored 1966 Arctic Cat 560D.  Second place was Kevin Hancock's 1969 Mercury 220E.  This is the one he rode to Whistlin' Jack Lodge and back last January.  Congratulations both of you.


    To see all the pictures click on this link: Wenatchee

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  • New Member Welcome

    Posted on 03/08/18 at 01:56 PM

    The PNWVSC would like to welcome our newest member, Andrew Schauer! Andrew has zoomed around the fields with us on a couple of occasions and has the vintage sled bug. Welcome Andrew!

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  • In Memoriam......

    Posted on 02/08/18 at 06:32 PM

    A sad day. Our good friend and founder of the Pacific Northwest Vintage Snowmobile Club Arthur Bonenfant passed away this week in Portland, Oregon.  Arthur had the best collection of Arctic Cat race sleds in the west.  He was always ready to lend a hand at our shows, had a big wonderful smile, great stories, and was always ready and easy to make laugh.  He will be missed. A memorial service will be held on the 17th, details below.


    Arthur enjoying his sleds and friends


    And playing Tillotson Toss


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  • New Past Event - Vintage Ride at Tim's

    Posted on 02/03/18 at 10:12 AM

    Tim invited the club up to his place on Badger Mountain for a vintage ride and BBQ. A herd of vintage iron showed up, everything from Fox Trac's to El Tigre's. 


    We even had a running Foremost in the group!

    And a Merc!


    With Dick cooking up the burgers the crew was fed in no time.

    A big thanks from the PNWVSC to Tim for hosting our ride!!!

    See all the hi resolution pics here: Vintage Ride at Tim's



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  • Johnson Skee-Horse

    Posted on 01/06/18 at 10:20 AM

    The bar has been set mighty high by Dan Guisinger with his Johnson Skee-Horse restoration! And it has a matching cutter to tow around. Congrats Dan on finishing up your project, we can't wait to see it on the snow this season.




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  • New Upcoming Event - Vintage Fun at The Last Resort

    Posted on 12/04/17 at 03:00 PM

    Our yearly vintage event in Ronald, WA will be February 24-25th, 2018. Our members typically stay at The Last Resort for a weekend of riding, vintage sled demo's, and shows. We attracted quite the crowd last year and this year will be even bigger! Vintage snowmobiliers from all over the Northwest will be displaying their best sleds so be sure to vote on your favorites. Rear engine pushers, twin tracks, race sleds, expert restorations, and more are commonly seen at this show. Don't miss it!


    Contact Ray ( (509-466-6249) and let him know if you are coming.

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  • New Past Event - WSSA Expo 2017

    Posted on 11/03/17 at 02:49 PM

    The 2017 WSSA Expo is in the books! We had a big crowd this year, and in spite of the weather the swap meet was full of great deals.



    Dick's 66' 560D Arctic Cat set the bar high and claimed 1st place




    Ray's Massey Ferguson wooed the crowds and earned 2nd place in the votes. Congrats to them both!


    See all the pics here: WSSA Expo 2017


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  • New Classified - Montgomery Ward Riverside

    Posted on 11/02/17 at 09:28 PM

    Anyone interested in a very rare sled for these parts?  Jason in Bend, Oregon is selling it.  He is asking $500, but willing to listen to a resonable offer.  There are more pictures, and the contact information on David's Vintage Sleds: 

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  • Welcome new member Mike Birkholz

    Posted on 10/29/17 at 09:36 AM

    A big PNWVSC welcome to Mike Birkholz!

    Mike is into restoring and riding John Deere snowmobiles, including the 1973 JDX4 above that he just finished re-assembling. He is also working on a Liquifire and a Trailfire LX. Can't wait to see you on the trails Mike! 


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  • Nice to be Appreciated

    Posted on 10/24/17 at 08:18 PM

    We received this note in the People's Choice ballot box.  
    Thank you very much to the person who wrote this! 
    It made our love for the sport 
    that much more special yes 


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  • New Classified - For Sale List From Expo 2017

    Posted on 10/24/17 at 08:12 PM

    I took a couple picture of the list of sleds folks want to sell during the WSSA Puyallup Expo.  Some nice stuff for cheap!  :)  Gotta love that!

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  • WSSA

    Posted on 09/19/17 at 09:42 AM

    I received my WSSA dues reminder this week and felt that a website post was in order. It can be easy to overlook the importance of our state snowmobile association, since much of their work and accomplishments occur in the background. Between representing our sport politically, coordinating major events like the Powersports Expo, educating the public on snowmobile safety, and much much more, WSSA is the cornerstone of keeping snowmobiling viable in the state of Washington. Show your support by continuing your membership this season, or joining if you are not yet a member.






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  • New Past Event - A Day at WAAAM

    Posted on 09/05/17 at 08:39 PM

    Our yearly show at WAAAM was a big hit as always with plenty of sleds to see. We even gave some rides this year!



    Dick took 1st Place in the sled competition with his expertly restored Arctic Cat


    And the pint sized Chimo got Ray 2nd Place. Congrats to you both!


    See all the pics from the show here:


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  • WSSA Items of Interest

    Posted on 08/16/17 at 08:56 PM

    Greetings WSSA!

    Let me take a minute and pass on a few things that have come through my e-mail inbox.

    First off, this weekend (Aug 18-20) marks the WSSA Summer Meeting and Campout.  While there are likely no campsites available, you are invited to join us for the weekend's activities.  We'll have a chili feed and meet and greet on Friday night.  The meeting starts at 9am on Saturday after breakfast (approx. 8am).  After the meeting concludes mid-afternoon, we'll have a couple of fundraisers (selling root beer floats and a rubber ducky race in the river) to support the Political Action Committee and the Legal Action Fund.  We'll cap the day with a potluck dinner (WSSA supplies the meat).  Feel free to join us for all or part of the day; it will be a fun time and you'll be updated on what to expect for the 2017/18 snowmobile season.  (Meals on Saturday will be $5 each for breakfast and lunch, and $10 for dinner.)  The location is the Blu-Shastin RV Park on the north side of Blewett Pass near the town of Peshastin.  (Look 'em up online and call them if you are interested in camping... they *might* have a empty site.) 

    Check out the latest news from the American Council of Snowmobile Associations.  Their August news can be found by clicking 

    Polaris recently sent out a survey to find out a little about the (snowmobile) buying habits of snowmobilers.  They aren't looking for any personal info.  If you'd like to participate, you can find it at

    Washington State Parks is seeking a couple of individuals for the Snowmobile Advisory Committee (SMAC).  The committee convenes semi-annually and advises State Parks on program policy, funding priorities and issues related to trail grooming, snow-removal sanitation, education and enforcement.  The committee will have two vacancies this fall.  One must be filled by a resident of Ferry, Stevens, Pend Oreille, Lincoln or Spokane County, and the other by a resident of Adams, Whitman, Franklin, Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield or Asotin County.  Nominations must be received by Aug. 30, 2017. New appointments begin Oct. 1, for a term of three years.  To send nominations or request an application, contact the Winter Recreation Program at, P.O. Box 42650, Olympia, WA 98504-2650, or the Washington Telecommunications Relay Service, (800) 833-6388. For more information on nominations, call (360) 902-8684.

    Matt Mead
    WSSA Historian



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  • New Past Event - Cool Desert Nights 2017

    Posted on 07/13/17 at 03:34 PM

    The PNWVSC braved desert heat and cool nights to show at Cool Desert Nights 2017! Over 15 sleds were present, from rear engine old timers to all out race sleds.






    Dick Feil took 1st place peoples choice with his 1966 Arctic Cat 170D


    And Big Blue (1958 Polaris belonging to Ray Bergstresser) nabbed 2nd



    See all the action in a slideshow here:


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  • New Upcoming Event - WAAAM 2017

    Posted on 06/18/17 at 10:04 AM

    The WAAAM Air & Auto Museum has one of the largest collections of still-flying antique aeroplanes and still-driving antique automobiles in the country.  The items on display at this museum are not only full of history, they're full of LIFE!

    The PNWVSC will be at WAAAM for their August 12th Second Saturday event, showing sleds and enjoying the sights and sounds of vintage iron.

    Many of us will be camping @ WAAAM that weekend. Dust off your favorite runner (or non-runner!) and join us for the show! 

    As per usual Ray is our coordinator for this event. ( (509-466-6249) Let him know if you are coming

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  • New Upcoming Event - WSSA Snowmobile Expo 2017

    Posted on 05/22/17 at 04:01 PM

    The WSSA Expo is the powersports event that kicks off the riding season and gets everyone ready to ride in the PNW!

    As always, the PNWVSC will be there showing sleds



    Join us for 2 days of sleds, gear, swap meet parts, and all the other fun of the WSSA Expo


    Contact Ray ( (509-466-6249) and let him know if you are coming.

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  • Late Season Ride

    Posted on 04/11/17 at 09:46 PM

    Ed, Paul, and Colby managed to sneak a late season ride in at the Atkisson Sno-Park this past week. They report lots of snow and some great woods riding as well. Nice to see those Cats on the snow!




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  • New Restoration - Dan Guisinger's 69' Skee Horse Resto

    Posted on 03/30/17 at 10:07 PM

    Our latest member Dan Guisinger is finishing up his restoration of a 1969 Johnson Skee Horse. We can't wait to see this beauty on the snow! Stay tuned...





    Welcome Dan!


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  • New Past Event - The Last Resort 2017

    Posted on 03/15/17 at 09:28 PM

    The club show and ride at The Last Resort in Ronald WA is on the books. We had 2 days of good snow, good eats, and of course, vintage sleds. We even recruited some new members!






    Kevin Hancock took the 1st place peoples choice award this year with his very clean Sno Pony


    The club's handsome SkiDaddler (also restored by Kevin) nabbed 2nd place. Everyone loves a Daddler!



    Kevin also couldn't help himself and pitted the SnoPony against a young visitor's Kitty Cat... We still don't know who won.


    See these pics and more here:






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  • New Classified - 1968 Arctic Cat Panther

    Posted on 03/15/17 at 09:11 PM

    For Sale:  1968 Arctic Cat Panther P-17 H, 300 Hirth model 05 engine.  Its in fair condition and is restorable.  Has an extra cowling with numerous spare parts (including new drive sprockets that have not been installed).  It was running when put into storage about 5 years ago.  Currently the engine turns over but will not start but I have new points and carburetor kits.  Its located in St. Helens, Oregon.  $150 OBO.
    I can be contacted at 503-701-0477 via phone or text if you have questions. 



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  • Mt Misery Sled Show

    Posted on 03/13/17 at 11:14 PM

    Some nice old sleds came out for the Mount Misery sno show in Pomeroy. Even a Polaris TX made a showing!





    See all the pics here:


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  • Plowing/Grooming Updates from WSSA

    Posted on 03/11/17 at 08:39 AM

    Greetings WSSA!

    It's been a SNOWY winter and the season is winding down; partly because it is near the end, but also because funds in the snowmobile program have been nearly depleted. Here is some info from State Parks:

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  • New Past Event - Vintage Races at Priest Lake

    Posted on 02/21/17 at 11:03 PM

    The Priest Lake Vintage Races were a hit this year, and the PNWVSC was there!


    Looks like even a JD was spotted out there

    Congrats to the brave souls that prepped their vintage iron and rode them on the main jets!

    See all the pictures here:

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  • New Past Event - A ride to Whistlin' Jack

    Posted on 02/20/17 at 11:05 PM

    6 of us hardy vintage snowmobilers got together on Feb 12th for a cross country ride from Taneum Sno Park to the Whistlin' Jack Lodge in Naches. The plan was to ride 70 miles to WJL, spend the night, and ride back the next day. It was a real treat to see Kevin's Skiroule RT-500 and Paul's big Cats ready for this adventure! 






    It was a long ride both days that gave us spectacular views, great trails, and even a few elk sightings!






    See all the pics here:

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  • New Past Event - A Vintage Day at Byrd's

    Posted on 01/19/17 at 10:20 PM

    The club had a great vintage day at Greg Byrd's place, complete with a roaring campfire and a hot grill for hamburgers and hotdogs. We spent the day riding, trading stories and sleds, and enacting the occasional fix when required. Over 28 vintage sleds were present for the event, and all even ran at some point! A big thanks to Greg and Becki for hosting us, we are looking forward to this event next year. 










    See all the pics here: Wenatchee Slideshow





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  • Upcoming WSSA Family Events

    Posted on 01/01/17 at 10:06 PM

    WSSA has some great events coming up! See the list below:


    Greetings WSSA!

    Are you looking for fun, family-friendly snowmobiling events?  Here are some upcoming opportunities for you!  (Please note:  Information compiled from Snoflyer submissions and other sources.  Be sure to verify details with event organizers in case of inaccuracies or cancellations.)

    January 7th, Ahtanum Recreation Area/Sno-Park – Yakima Ski-Bender’s First Ever Scavenger Hunt – Visit for details.
    January 14th, Conconully, Annual Conconully Outhouse Races – Contact the Conconully Chamber of Commerce at (877) 826-9050 or visit their website at
    January 21st, Touchet Corral Sno-Park – Blue Mountain Snowmobile Club’s annual Bucket Run – Visit for details as the event gets closer.
    January 21st & 22nd, Wakepish Sno-Park – Junco’s Charity on the Snow for the Make-A-Wish Foundation – Visit for details.
    January 28th, The Last Resort in Ronald – Rotary Club’s Annual Snowmobile Raffle Run – Click here for details.
    January 29th, Lil’ Naches Sno-Park – Yakima Ski-Bender’s Chinook Pass Snow Festival – Click here for details
    February 4th, Rose Springs Sno-Park – Mt. Misery Snow Drifters’ annual Bucket Run – Visit for details as the event gets closer. 
    February 11th, Greenwater – Sno-Jammers’ annual Fun Run – Visit or for details.
    February 17th-20th, 12 Tribes Casino in Omak – WSSA’s Winter Rendezvous – Click here for details.
    February 19, Goat Creek Sno-Park – Methow Valley Snowmobile Association’s annual Bucket Run – Visit or for details.
    February 25th, Rose Springs Sno-Park – Vintage Sled Meet – Visit for details as the event gets closer.
    March 4th & 5th, The Last Resort in Ronald – Pacific Northwest Vintage Snowmobile Club’s annual Vintage Show & Ride – Visit or for details.

    Information compiled from Snoflyer submissions and other sources.  Be sure to verify details with event organizers in case of inaccuracies or cancellations. 

    Matt Mead
    Publicity Secretary

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    Posted on 12/28/16 at 09:01 AM

    This from the Cascade Drift Skippers




    Start the New Year’s safe!  Over the next few weeks we all have an opportunity to compete for points, badges & prizes, while brushing up on our avalanche safety knowledge.


    Here’s How It Works


    Go to: to complete backcountry and avalanche sorties (lessons) and earn points.  Click on “Start Here” or “Sign In”.  Make sure to include your snowmobile club in your profile settings.  The instructions to update your profile settings can be found here:https://backcountryascender. com/guides/#edit  As you complete sorties, the points you earn will count towards your club’s total.


    What Can You Win?


    •        Avalanche Preparedness and Snowmobile Skills Seminar:   This prize will go to the WSSA club that earns the most points in the specified date range.  The Seminar will be scheduled at a location and time in March with the winning club.   The Avalanche Preparedness portion will cover:

    •  Transceiver Usage 
    • Search techniques
    •  Rescue techniques

    The Snowmobile Skills portion will cover:

    • Throttle Control and momentum management
    •  Neutral position counter steer turns
    • On edge management and Side Hilling



    •        Ride Rasmussen Clinic for 2 with Lodging:   awarded to the WSSA individual with the most points overall at the end of the competition on January 29th.


    •        FXR Carbon Fiber Helmet/Renegade Jacket Combo awarded to the individual that earns the most points in the specified date range.  This prize package will be furnished by the Last Resort in Ronald WA (


    If there are any point ties at the end, then a winner will be selected in a drawing from the tied participants.  Participants who have already won a RRS clinic through Backcountry Ascender will be ineligible to win another.


    Share the attached brochure with your club.  If you have any questions, email

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  • New Classified - Bolens Diable Rouge

    Posted on 12/21/16 at 08:06 PM

    I am selling for a friend his 1968 Diablo Rouge. The original owner from new was his father. He is the second owner. It comes with the original manuals, and a very nice home built set of wheels you put under the trailer skis for riding in the summer. His father built the 'cow catcher' for the front. 

    Asking $1500 obo for the sled with wheeled trailer. There are more pictures on my Photo Bucket site:

    There is also a video from a ride we took last year: 

    Willing to help with shipping but the buyer has to pay the shipping. 


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  • New Upcoming Event - Lolo Winterfest & Vintage Snowmobile Show

    Posted on 12/13/16 at 09:13 PM

    From our friends in Montana!!

    Lolo Winterfest & Vintage Snowmobile Show

    The Lolo Hot Springs vintage show will be across the road in the event field so the sleds and owners have more exposure to the crowd and people can enjoy them and talk to the owners throughout the day.  We are also planning to start the events this year with a vintage snowmobile parade around the event field for those who would like to show off their machines on a short run around the field.  


    Please call Tom (406) 531-0449 or email if you have questions.   

    Tom Mullins

    Cell (406) 531-0449


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  • New Classified - Skidoos & Scorpion

    Posted on 11/22/16 at 09:28 PM

    Jim Hanson has several vintage Skidoos and a Scorpion for sale. Make him an offer, let's get these sleds back on the snow!





    He also has a 98 440 MXZ in new condition. It has 1350 miles. He is asking $1500 for it.


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  • New Classified - Evinrude Bobcat for sale

    Posted on 11/11/16 at 06:41 PM

    Jim Simpson is selling the Evinrude below. Contact him if you are interested in it. 




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  • New Upcoming Event - Last Resort Show & Ride

    Posted on 11/04/16 at 10:45 AM

    Our yearly event in Ronald, WA will be March 4-5th in 2017 and we are looking forward to it. Our members typically stay at The Last Resort for a weekend of riding, vintage sled demo's, and shows. We attracted quite the crowd last year and this year will be even bigger! Vintage snowmobiliers from all over the Northwest will be displaying their best sleds so be sure to vote on your favorites.


    Contact Ray ( (509-466-6249) and let him know if you are coming.





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  • New Upcoming Event - Vintage Races @ Priest Lake

    Posted on 11/04/16 at 10:38 AM

    Join us in Priest Lake ID for a weekend of riding, racing, and showing vintage sleds! We will host a vintage ride on Feb. 18th and be showing old sleds on the 19th. Some of our members will also be racing, so come cheer them on.


    For complete details, visit

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  • New Past Event - WSSA Expo 2016

    Posted on 10/25/16 at 09:48 PM

    The 2016 WSSA Expo is on the books, and what an expo it was! Hope everyone got to see the old sleds and vote on their favorite. Congrats to Vinnie and Ray for there 1st and 2nd place People's Choice trophies, respectively. 







    If you missed us this year, don't worry. We'll be back at the Expo in 2017 and have an entire snow season of events planned.

    See all the photos here:

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  • Safe Rider Classes, Expo & Spokane

    Posted on 09/27/16 at 07:07 AM

    This just in from the Winter Recreation Program. These classes are a great opportunity to educate the next generation of riders, don't miss out!


    Good morning,

    Although we have been working on getting the word out about Safe Rider Classes, we currently only have one student registered for the Puyallup show and none for the Spokane show.  I know that it’s early and that folks tend to wait until the last minute, however, it would be very helpful and appreciated if you could help spread the word. 


    We will have our normal class during Expo, however, unless we have 8 to 10 children pre-registered for Spokane, we won’t be able to schedule that class…’s just not cost effective to bring both our LE officers over from Lake Chelan and have an empty class room. 


    We are sending out tweets every other week until the time of the shows (the last tweet was sent Monday, September 12).  The registration forms can be found on our web site –  


    2016 Washington Snowmobile & Power Sports Expo and Swap Meet

    Puyallup Fairgrounds

    Safe Rider Snowmobile Seminar for 12-16 year olds to earn a Snowmobile Safety Certificate

    Saturday, October 15

    Class begins at 9:00 a.m. and concludes at 3:00 p.m.


    ALL Students need to have their parent or guardian bring them to the classroom and pick them up at the classroom

    ALL Students need to bring their own lunch (snacks and bottled water will be provided)

    Students need to bring their registration form AND their parent or guardian with them to the Blue Gate by 8:45 a.m.


    36th Annual 2016 Snow & ATV Show

    Spokane County Fair & Expo Center

    Safe Rider Snowmobile Seminar for 12-16 year olds to earn a Snowmobile Safety Certificate

    Saturday, November 12

    Class begins at 9:00 a.m. and concludes at 3:00 p.m.


    ALL Students need to have their parent or guardian bring them to the classroom and pick them up at the classroom

    ALL Students need to bring their own lunch (snacks and bottled water will be provided)

    Students need to bring their registration form AND their parent or guardian with them to the Main Gate by 8:45 a.m.


    Thanks for your help in getting this information out to our young riders


    Pamela McConkey, Manager

    Winter Recreation Program

    Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission



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  • New Classified - Four Arctic Cats for Sale

    Posted on 09/18/16 at 07:48 PM

    I have four Arctic Cat sleds that I am looking sell:  a '73 puma 440, a '73 Panther 440, a '72 Panther 340 and a '72 Panther 440. All are in fair shape with good seats except for the '72 440 it has a all black seat on the bottom but has the leopard back rest, and the motor is out of it. They have been sitting under a tarp in CleElum for the past 11-12 years. Three did run when I parked them. I wanted to restore one of them but don't have any time or resources and we are selling our property, so they need to find a new home!


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  • New Classified - 1979 Polaris TX 340

    Posted on 09/13/16 at 09:21 PM

    1979 Polaris 340 TX Free Air, 2400 Original always stored inside, starts and runs for 30 seconds. The gas went bad, carbs need cleaned. Ran strong two winters ago. $350.00 OBO. Would consider trade for a nice chest freezer If serious, will deliver.


    Model # 0800537

    Serial # 0631233


    Call Todd at 208-266-0408



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  • WSSA News: SMAC Vacancy

    Posted on 09/03/16 at 09:33 AM


    Greetings WSSA!
    If you live in District 4N or 4S, you may be interested in this opportunity.  See below for a message from our State Parks Winter Recreation Program Manager:
    As most of you already know, we have a vacancy in Area 4 of the SMAC (Snowmobile Advisory Committee).  At this writing I have one confirmed application and want to make sure that everyone/anyone interested has until Monday, September 12 to submit their application.  Once the application period is over, we will conduct the normal interviews with the applicants and I will then take our recommendation to the Director for appointment.  

    This is a three year commitment beginning October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2019.   The SMAC meets twice each year, once during the winter and once during the summer.  The SMAC does occasionally offer other opportunities to Committee members to participate in ad hoc committees, bid review panels, etc. 

    Please let your local clubs or other interested parties know of this opportunity and deadline for applying.  The application can be found on our web site at:

    If you have any questions, please let me know.   

    Pamela McConkey, Manager
    Winter Recreation Program
    Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission

  • New Upcoming Event - WSSA Expo

    Posted on 08/30/16 at 09:47 PM

    Our club has been showing sleds at the WSSA Expo for 16 years, and we are proud to be there again this year. Come by and see some vintage iron while you stroll through new snowmobile gear, sleds, and the famous Expo Swap meet. Also, don't forget to vote for your favorite vintage sled!


     Or even better bring your own vintage sled and join us! 


    Contact Ray ( (509-466-6249) and let him know if you are coming.






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  • New Past Event - WAAAM 2016

    Posted on 08/15/16 at 09:55 PM

    We braved the heat and sun in Hood River to show some old iron at WAAAM this past weekend. Lots of sleds were on display, everything from Skiroule's to Skidoo's!



    That's a lineup!








    And look who showed up!



    First place goes to Dick Feil with his 64' Arctic Cat



    And Big Blue (57' Polaris) got 2nd place (Congrats Ray!)



    The rest of the pics can be found here: WAAAM 2016

    We are looking forward to the WSSA Expo. See you there!


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  • Cool Desert Nights 2016

    Posted on 07/03/16 at 12:20 AM

    Another sled show is on the books as Cool Desert Nights wraps up. Our members had a great time showing old iron amongst the cars and motorcycles of the show, and there were trophies to be won!







    Congrats to Jim Reed on his 1st place trophy!

    And Dick Feil on his 2nd place trophy!


    See the rest of the pics here:

    Our next show is at WAAAM in Hood River, OR. Hope to see you there!


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  • Summertime!

    Posted on 05/17/16 at 06:08 PM

    Well the snow is melting and our riding season has come to an end. Sure, there will be some opportunities for the dedicated to ride at choice locations well into the summer, but for most of us the sleds are being prepped for a new season: shows! We have a great summer show season planned with venues all over the Northwest, including Cool Desert Nights, the WSSA Snowmobile Expo, and of course our annual bash at WAAAM in Hood River. 

    There are some remarkable old sleds within our club, everything from RXL's and Blizzards to old Skidoo tincabs, but most importantly there is a place for your vintage iron at our shows. So join the PNWVSC this summer  and help us keep the history of snowmobiling in the Northwest alive!



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  • Snowmobile Account Robbed by our Legislature

    Posted on 05/03/16 at 10:49 PM

    The recent legislative session didn't go well for snowmobilers and your WSSA Legislative Team has prepared the following information:
    The legislature adjourned late Tuesday night, March 29th, by passing the supplemental operating budget that transfers $25,000 of the snowmobile account and $25,000 of the winter recreation program account to fund the Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC) for an additional forecaster to help fill gaps in coverage, increase weather station maintenance, and expand the forecast period into the shoulder seasons.

    The proposed House budget came out February 25th funding the NWAC with $4,000 from the snowmobile account, $3,000 from the winter recreation program, and $43,000 from the state’s general fund. The proposed Senate budget came out March 11th with $25,000 coming from the snowmobile and winter recreation program accounts each. The WSSA and the NWAC both strongly opposed this funding from the dedicated snowmobile account and requested the funding be provided from the general account.  WSSA and the NWAC worked together strongly opposing the Senate budget.  Our members worked diligently along with our leadership and lobbyists by contacting their legislators to oppose this budget.  We are not opposed to the NWAC receiving additional funding from the general account, but we are concerned that the legislature’s action has the potential to undermine a longstanding working relationship with the NWAC.

    The House and Senate chairs of the Recreation committees, Rep Blake and Sen. Pearson, strongly opposed the Senate budget and lobbied the key fiscal legislators negotiating the budget against it. State Parks also opposed the Senate budget.

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  • Update on Don's Sleds

    Posted on 04/05/16 at 09:54 AM


    Back in January our friend Don Brink had his race trailer and sleds stolen at the Priest Lake Races. His ZL440 has been recovered, but his race Exciter (below) is still at large.,248137.0.html 

    Let's hope they catch the bastards! If you hear or see anything, reply to the VS thread linked above.




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  • New Past Event - Last Resort 2016

    Posted on 03/01/16 at 09:59 PM

    Another show and ride is in the books, and we had a great weekend. Around 30 sleds were displayed at The Last Resort for the public on Saturday, complete with parade track for demonstration laps and rides! Vintage sleds from 1957 to 1984 were present, made by 9 different manufacturers. Dick Fiel took Second place with his 63' Polaris, while Ray Bergstresser got 1st Place with his 57' Polaris. On Sunday, we rode to Cooper Lake.



    2nd Place!


    The crowd really liked big blue


    Riding around the parade loop


    Couple of Swingers


    See the rest of the pics here





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  • New Past Event - Clear Lake BBQ

    Posted on 02/16/16 at 10:07 AM

    The club had a great time at Clear Lake Sno Park despite some mechanical issues. Some really old iron made a showing with rear engine 4 cycle machines chugging down the trail! Once the BBQ was fired up everyone ate their share and had full bellies for the trip back. We are having some technical difficulties with the pics so the best way to enjoy them is via the slideshow link below.


    See you on the snow at The Last Resort! (Feb 27-28th)


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  • New Past Event - We had a great ride to Whistlin' Jacks!

    Posted on 02/02/16 at 11:43 PM

    Ed, Kevin, Stephen, and Dustin unloaded some vintage sleds last weekend in Greenwater WA and rode to Whistlin' Jacks!

    At Gov't Meadows


    Great lineup at the Wapato Lodge


    Mountain Deere



    They had a great ride but encountered a couple carb/fuel issues along the way. All was fixed though and they completed the over 80 mile trip on Sunday and Monday.


    The full album can be found here:



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  • Stolen Sleds!!!!!!!!

    Posted on 01/19/16 at 08:51 PM

    A quick announcement on behalf of our friend Don Brink. Don had his race sleds and trailer stolen while at the Priest Lake races this past weekend. Details can be found in the link below. If you have any information regarding this crime please help!





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  • Handford Site Arctic Cats

    Posted on 12/28/15 at 10:33 AM

    Our friend Don sent in these pictures of 2 Arctic Cat Panthers that were used at the Handford Site. Anyone know what happened to these pieces of history?


    (Photos are courtesy of the Department of Energy, click them for a higher res version)

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  • New Classified - 1970 Sno-Pony

    Posted on 12/04/15 at 12:24 AM

    I picked up two Sno-Ponies then restored one while the other was used for parts.  This is the parts sled.  It is almost complete with a running motor, solid tunnel, seat (not pictured), all the drive train is there, and suspension.  It has a track that is not usable but it will go with the sled.  You can use a ski-doo track but it would need to be cut down then spliced together.  Splicing is how the original track for the Colts were anyway.  I am asking $300.00 but willing to take a reasonable offer.

    More pictures on the club's Photo Bucket Page: 


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  • New Classified - 1979 Kawasaki

    Posted on 12/03/15 at 11:48 PM

    Time to sell my1979 440 Kawasaki Intruder. It  looks and runs good.  It has a 136" Yamaha track and suspension on it now.  The original suspention and track will go with the sled.  I also have a free Yamaha 292F for anyone who wants it.  Call: 509-674-7229 or email:


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  • New Classified - Mercury Twister Hood Mold & Tachs

    Posted on 11/02/15 at 08:48 PM

    Rich has a hood mold for Mercury Twister sleds. He also has some Mercury tachs he'd like to part with. 

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  • Facebook Page Revamp

    Posted on 10/28/15 at 08:29 PM

    We have been working hard to get our Facebook page up to date. Check it out and Like us!

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  • New Past Event - WSSA Expo 2015

    Posted on 10/26/15 at 08:25 PM

    WSSA typically puts on a great show and this years event was no exception!

    The PNWVSC was there with 25 vintage sleds for the crowd to
    peruse and vote on their favorite. 


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  • New Member Welcome

    Posted on 08/18/15 at 03:33 PM

    The Club would like to welcome our newest members, John & Brenda Bushby!


    (We only caught a picture of Brenda and their very clean TXL's. John escaped the photographer)

    The Bushby's have been involved with restoring vintage snowmobiles and racing them all over the Northwest. Please join us in welcoming them to the club.

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  • New Past Event - WAAAM Show in Hood River OR

    Posted on 08/12/15 at 10:40 PM

    Tracks were turning and canopies were flying at the 2nd annual PNWVSC Show at WAAAM in Hood River, OR.

    A great weekend was had by all and we had a good turnout of both sleds and spectators. Over 20 sleds spent the day being admired by museum patrons who braved the wind. Some intrepid members of the crowd even rode/drove a few select sleds.


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  • New Restoration - Craig is Getting His Diablo Ready for the WAAAM

    Posted on 07/02/15 at 01:55 PM

    Craig finished building the cart for the trailer of his Diablo Rouge! 


    To see more pictures Click here or go to the Restorations tab.

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  • New Restoration - 1969 Sno Pony Colt

    Posted on 06/30/15 at 02:17 PM

    Updated July 31, 2015

    It is getting LATE!  WAAAM is next weekend!

    I have the track in, and steering.  Tomorrow finish up with all of the mechanical stuff, then work on the hood.  Not long now.  Click on the Restorations tab, or click here to see more . . . . 



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  • Cool Desert Nights 2015

    Posted on 06/29/15 at 09:52 AM

    The club had a great time at the famous Cool Desert Nights car show this past weekend!




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  • New Newsletter - April 2015 Newsletter

    Posted on 06/14/15 at 08:48 AM

    Click here for the April 2015 Newsletter

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  • New Member

    Posted on 05/18/15 at 09:08 AM

    A big welcome to our newest member Vinnie Pagliaro!


    Vinnie's very nice Polaris Mustang looks showroom ready


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  • Big Mouth Panthers

    Posted on 05/18/15 at 09:01 AM

    Looks like Ed Buckner is going to ride in style this winter season!

    Ed is the proud new owner of not 1 but 2 1971 634 Panthers. Great score Ed!

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  • Moving Right Along . . . .

    Posted on 05/10/15 at 10:29 PM

    FINISHED! cool

    My newly restored Skiroule RT 340 done and ready for our Cool Desert Nights Show in Richland in June!

    Click here for more pictures.

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  • New Classified - Wanted Sno Pony Hood Trim

    Posted on 04/25/15 at 07:22 PM

    Looking for the bottom hood trim for this model Sno Pony.  

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  • Looking back at the 2014/2015 Season

    Posted on 04/14/15 at 09:38 AM

    It's easy to be down about the snow situation this past season, especially if you were looking for deep powder riding. But even so, our club had a great year with some fantastic rides! We put together a list containing some of the goings-on this year. Let me know if I missed something.


    -Stephen's MXLT graced the snow after many years of sleep in New Hampshire

    -Kevin went so fast with his new-to-him Citation that the slides couldn’t keep up!

    -We broke Mel’s Elan, but it still got us home

    -We rode with Greg Byrd and occasionally caught up with him on his speedy El Tigre......

    -Ed finally contributed a "Pic of Shame" with his epic belt blow at Fish Lake

    -Ray tested the thermal limits of a Scorpion engine…. and found them

    -Stephen rolled the Phazer at Coquihalla Pass. First time for that sled

    -Members got to sample the fury that is a Diable Rouge! Thanks to Craig for sharing it! 

    -The first season on Stephen's new JD Liquifire went well, not one breakdown

    -Ed put the modern snow-bikes to shame with his ruthless Shrew

    -And many more........

    Now as a club we look forward to the summer show season. With your help our shows will be better than ever this year, so dust off that vintage beauty and join us.

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  • Chance of a Lifetime: B-17 Ride

    Posted on 03/20/15 at 10:32 AM

    Our own Ed Buckner got to do something many of us dream about but very few get to experience: A flight in a B-17!

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  • New Past Event - Great riding at the Last Resort

    Posted on 03/05/15 at 10:51 AM

    Well folks, despite a winter plagued with poor snow conditions and rainy days we did manage to get some good riding in at the Last Resort this year. Trail conditions were smooth and well groomed (well most of them at least!). A good sized group participated in this ride with a wide variety of sleds. Good times were had by all!


    (Click the pics for high res versions)


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  • New Past Event - Fish Lake Ride 2015

    Posted on 01/20/15 at 07:59 PM

    We had a great time at the Fish Lake Sno-Park! 14 riders rolled in on the 17th of January, ready to explore the trails and see the sights.


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  • New Restoration - 1967 Diablo Rouge by Craig Poppe

    Posted on 01/02/15 at 10:32 AM

    Our newest member Craig finished working on his Bolens Diablo Rouge for the Fish Lake ride on January 17.  Click here RESTORATIONS and it will take you directly to the article.

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  • A Sad Day for the Snowmobile World

    Posted on 12/30/14 at 09:45 AM

    With a heavy heart we report that Jerry Kienbaum, the curator of the Northwest Museum of Vintage Snowmobiles, has passed away. Jerry created and maintained one of the largest snowmobile collections in the Northwest and gladly shared his passion with others.


    Enjoy the endless trail Jerry

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  • New Past Event - A Good Day of Riding

    Posted on 12/29/14 at 09:26 PM

    Stephen and Mel went for a ride in the mountains at the Mt. Baker NRA! It was a beautiful day, and a good time was had by all. 

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  • New Past Event - Trout Lake December 26, 2014

    Posted on 12/26/14 at 11:59 PM

    Ed and Kevin went to test their vintage sleds in the Mt. Adama area close to Trout Lake.  Kevin brought his 1981 Ski-doo Citation, and Ed brought his always reliable 1976 Arctic Cat Cheetah.  He also brought his recently finished 1960's Shrew.  Ed mounted  his father's 1976 Honda 175cc trail bike.  It took some modifications, but has it working as designed.  Click on the Past Events tab to see more.

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  • New Restoration - The Shrew

    Posted on 12/26/14 at 11:06 PM

    I found this Shrew at the Washington State Expo in Puyallup this fall.  Click on the 

    Restorations Page to see the article.

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  • A Holiday Cheer

    Posted on 12/25/14 at 12:05 PM

    Merry Christmas and Happy

    (Snowy) New Year!

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  • First Ride of the Season

    Posted on 12/22/14 at 07:23 PM

    Mel and Stephen finally hit the snow for the first time this season! The snow was terrible, it was raining, and some mechanical issues were encountered. In all honesty, better rides have been had....... but even a bad day of riding beats a good day at work!

    Loaded up, ready to go

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  • New Classified - For Sale Kohler K340 2T Engine

    Posted on 12/16/14 at 10:47 PM

    This is from a 1972 Ariens Arrow 350.  The sled looks like it was used very little.  I cleaned the points so now it has a sharp blue spark.  The points are not pitted.  There was a small hole in the cover but it is fixed.  I can bring to one of our rides, or if you pay shipping I am willing to ship.

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  • New PNWVSC Member

    Posted on 12/14/14 at 11:09 AM

    A warm welcome to our newest member, Craig Poppe!

    Craig is the proud owner of a 68' Bolens Diablo Rouge, and he's ready to get this unique machine on the snow

    Looking forward to riding with you this season Craig!

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  • A New President for the WSVSA

    Posted on 11/21/14 at 10:19 AM

    Congrats to Dustin Sweeten for being selected as the new WSVSA president!


    More info here:

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  • Guess Who Got Another JD?

    Posted on 10/05/14 at 08:55 PM

    Check out Stephen's latest JD!


    It's an 80' Liquifire, and best of all it's already restored!



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  • New Restoration - 1972 Skiroule RT340 Repairs

    Posted on 09/14/14 at 09:13 PM

    Moving along. Click Restorations for more pictures.


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  • New Resotation - 1981 Ski-doo Citation Ready for Winter!

    Posted on 09/07/14 at 04:24 PM

    Here are some pictures.  You can get all of them from my Photo Bucket site by clicking this link:

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  • New Past Event - A Great Time at WAAAM

    Posted on 08/11/14 at 10:22 AM

    A great time was had by all in Hood River Oregon this past weekend at the Western Air and Auto Museum!

    Several of our members participated in this event, and 27 incredible snowmobiles were on display with Mt. Hood in the background.


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  • I had a Great Whirlwind Trip to Minnesota

    Posted on 07/17/14 at 12:02 AM

    It was a lot of fun meeting new friends that I hauled for, and catching up with old friends at my 40th High School Reunion.  I  covered all of my expences by hauling snowmobiles, furniture, truck and snowmobile parts. 

    There are more pictures posted on my Photo Bucket page at this link:

    You know you are in Minnesota when:

    You can buy Grain Belt Beer:

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  • Kevin's Latest Project

    Posted on 05/28/14 at 05:21 PM

    Looks like someone has been working on a Ski-Bird!

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